The Facade

May 8, 2017

She said something odd
Into his ear as they moved
Together, blissfully silent
In the darkest of hours.

He stopped, abruptly,
Confusion across his face.
Her breathy whisper was
Quiet, but very clear:

“With wounds as old
As original sin, we prey
Upon the weaker flesh.”

In the morning, she lay
Amongst the silences of
Her own wrongdoing…
He’d never be seen again.



January 15, 2009

I watch the tiny hairs on your arm raise
Our mouths collide in an electric frenzy
My hands hold your face carefully, like
I would hold a precious work of art

I feel the nerves throughout my body
Explode with tension, my heart thrashes
Behind my ribs, pounding hard as my
Hands explore the small of your back

You pull away from our kiss slowly
Biting my lower lip, daring me to try again
My lips graze yours once more before
Moving to your elegant neckline

Across the curve of your collarbone
Your eyes roll back and you bite your lip
Fingers run through my hair as I tease
You little by little, each second a lifetime

We are pressed against the wall now
The unmistakable smell of your skin is
Everywhere, enveloping me in the one
Place I feel truly safe anymore

More than anything, I love the look
On your face when we become one
That single, solitary moment where
Time stops, and you lose your breath

The very air is saturated with pleasure
Everything I am has boiled down to the
Slow rotation of your hips upon mine
Time and love flee in a warm embrace