Dangerous Scales

April 16, 2018

Most people think
Of the ocean as
Peaceful, serene;
But they could not
Be more wrong.

Beneath the waves
Lies a world full of
Dangerous scales.
Light up above and
Only death below,
And each current
Brings endless rows
Of predators’ teeth
And stifled cries for
Help, god, help
As they are ripped
To the bones.

Though it may be
A disquiet place,
The sea conveys a
Deeper balance of
Life and death.



September 16, 2014

Noiseless whispering:
Our new crime scene.
Lift the veil, and enter.
Your eyes will adjust
To the darkness within.
As wind rustles leaves
On the trees outside,
We move silently,
Shapes in the dark.

Both hidden and bare,
We will let the night
Take the helm and drive
Into sweet oblivion.
Before the sun rises,
We shall have taken
More than we can give
And lie in the morning.