Just a quick head’s up for my beloved readers:

I’ve created a new page so I could post the link to my first official publication!
Thanks to the folks over at poeticmatrix.com, I’ve gotten published in their Spring edition.

There are links on their home page to order a hard copy through Amazon, if you’re interested.
There’s also a ton of other great work around that site, I recommend checking it out.


Thanks for all your support!

2 Responses to “Publication”

  1. Mike Q. Says:

    Quick update: my friend, Gabriel Gadfly, has chosen to publish one of my poems as a guest poet on his site.

    He is a very accomplished poet and author; I recommend checking his blog out, too. šŸ™‚


  2. Michael Says:

    Great news!

    The poetry collection “Anatomy & Etymology,” a poetry blog dedicated to poems with a scientific theme, has accepted two of my poems for publication! Check out my blogroll (—>) to read “Catenary” and “Escape Velocity,” as well as many other fantastic pieces of poetry.


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