July 15, 2019

Each time you fall in love
Your heart aligns with some
Combined force of elements
To express its true nature.

Some couples are like earth,
Stable, and reliable as granite.
Their roots go deep into the
Mantle of the earth and beyond.

Some burst forth with fire,
As explosive as a backdraft
And over just as quickly.
They shine brilliant as the sun.

Others still flow like waters
As tumultuous as the ocean,
With bouts of quiet calm in
Between furious storm winds.

Our love, dear, is like the air:
Hardest to find and to break.
Loving you is as simple as taking
A deep breath on a clear morning.

When others ask us how we do it,
We shrug and breathe our love in.



February 12, 2018

Catapulting away
From our planet’s
Feeble grasp on you,
The endless blanket
Of the universe as
We know it lies ahead.
It isn’t heavy with fear,
But instead it is
As you have become
During your escape.
The swirling cosmos
Are your home now.

Passing through the
Unknown palettes of
Untouched nebulae,
You explore where
Few shall ever go.
Between the mazes
Of twisting asteroids,
Your path will be lit
By the glow of stars
Who died eons ago.
And even when you’ve
Passed beyond all the
Worlds and galaxies,
Even then I’ll love you.



November 25, 2016

The air was thick
With desperation,
She had known it
From the start.

Now, bare arms
Folded on the sill,
She looked out at
The distant stars.

It was impossible
To count them all,
Millions of them
Aligned just for her.

A sense of regret
Washed over her
As she listened to
Her partner breathe.

She jotted a note
For the woman
Left alone in bed,
But, with a beat,
Tore the note up
And quietly left.



March 2, 2015

Alder smoke passed between
We two, casting sickly haze.
Though you had only seen
Me, I could only be amazed.

A cloud of grey and down
Circling slowly, meandering
Like the King’s final mound-
My love, alas, a fickle thing.

With eyes like burning embers
You wore a hemlock wreath;
But in this dream, remember:
If I be sword, you are sheath.


A Conjuring

January 24, 2015

Imagine a spell,
A hex, if you will,
More potent than
Any devised before.

‘Tis not a conjuring
That wakes the dead,
Nor is it to trick the eyes.
It’s not made to steal a heart
Nor take Death by surprise.
No, this spell, is simple;
It needs just one word.

This spell is only to forget
A past decision’s prose;
To blossom into one’s own
Heart, one must first let it go.

The mind forgets what the
Heart cannot, until you say:



January 22, 2015

Tandem lives, not parallel, but
Perpendicular, weave together
To form a pattern that no one
But God herself can see.
Your breath forms a cloud
In the January air, and even
Now I can remember your
Face behind the haze;
Lips pursed, just to one side,
A smirk that I have become
So accustomed to seeing
Slowly comes into view.

The irony of our connection
Is not lost on me: it is only
That which keeps us close
(Not geographically) that
Separates us still today.
There’s not a soul alive
Who could testify to the
Uncommon bond we share,
And yet, here I am again.
One day, we’ll meet up
Over a pot of earl grey,
And our stories will rise
Into reality once more.


The Ides of March

January 13, 2014

It was an unseasonably warm
Spring afternoon, the sun took
Great pains to pierce the cold
Air surrounding us. Our path
Wound through the park, by
The pond where we once saw
A lonely turtle treading water.
Eventually we stopped to sit
Upon a faded yellow bench,
We three travelers, and rest.

“How old is she?” two women
Asked as they jogged by. Only
Just six months, tomorrow,
You answered smiling. It had
Felt like longer, but in a way
That charmed you as much
As her little fingers curled
Around yours did: perfect
And innocent and pure.

I sat quietly, unable to hide
Just how proud I was to be
Her father and your man.