My name is Michael. I like to write poetry.

Sometimes people enjoy reading it.

Hopefully you will too.

Thanks for reading!



4 Responses to “About Me”

  1. I KNOW you
    LE GASP!

  2. Keith Hayes Says:

    Dear Michael

    You don’t know me but I knew you and your brother when you were a babies. It’s amazing to see you as an adult on myspace. Your father and I were best friends in our younger days but we drifted apart over the years.

    Please let your dad know that I’d like to reconnect with him. My email address is khayes1995@comcast.net

    Your new friend,
    Keith Hayes

  3. uncleverone Says:

    I don’t know you, per-se. You were, however nice to me (and my work) on the internet, so I come bearing a return nice-to-me. But to you. I like your poetry. You my friend, should keep it up as well.



  4. poetesslo Says:

    🙂 I dunno how to sub to you but I will read it:)

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