The Kingdom of Stars

November 17, 2014

The sun set far to the south,
And the moon had begun its
Celestial trek across the blue
And indigo of night’s canopy.
There is where we meet again.

It was the kind of evening
Where the clouds surrendered
Their domain to the kingdom
Of the stars, and each breath
Hangs in the air, desperate.

Frosted gales blow in across
The mountain passes, sifting
Snow like powdered sugar
Onto the few travellers who
Dared brave the journey east.

A thousand and one words
Stand at attention on the tip
Of my tongue, none escape.
Every sentence falters, even
Those we give ourselves.

That blessed land between
Darkest night and dawn’s light:
Here is where we meet again.


La Luna

October 11, 2014

Following an
Ancient spiral
Through space,
She dances well.
Brilliant minds
Have spent many
Long nights
Studying her
Top to bottom,
Asphalt grey
Betrayed by our
Star’s unrelenting
Barrage of light.

To wax poetic,
Affection for our
Natural satellite
Has never waned.
And while we
Know now that
Her cosmic waltz
Inches her just
A little farther
From us each year,
The tides and
Our songs will
Never let her go.


Midwinter Waltz

December 18, 2013

One of my favorite times of year,
The annual dance of the planets
Treats us to a peculiar courtship
Of our Earth and the shining Sun:
The winter solstice is upon us.

Precarious constellations exhale
Sighs of relief as they are blessed
With a moment of reprieve, and
Let the master of our skies take
Center stage for a dramatic pause.

An exact alignment of purpose,
Our glowing orb hesitates ever so
Slightly before returning across
The vast expanse of blue and grey,
Waiting for a chance to swallow
Us whole and finish the dance
It began so very long ago.