September 6, 2020

When told by an old professor
That art requires sorrow to grow,
I had to pause and reconsider.

I believe it may be true
That the seed of despair
Is the necessary start,
But I think that it must
Also be cultivated in
The fertile soil of joy.

One can’t exist without the other,
But for art to put down roots,
I believe, it must have both.



July 12, 2020

The dance between
Darkness and the light
Is so much more than
Most can comprehend;  
Go stones arranged
In spiraling boxes of  
Black and white.

If we were honest
With ourselves,
The keen eyes of the
Renaissance painters
Understood balance
Better than most.
The light accentuates,
And darkness obscures,
Yes, but both are truth.

Our inner balance is
Akin to the stars above.
Like the deafening blast
Of pulsing stars, adrift
In an endless ocean of
Sheer and empty void,
We cling to the lights
That arrive in our orbit.
And just like the stars,
None of them last forever.


The Green Witch

October 25, 2019

It is both an end
And a beginning.
October’s cold air
Breaks to reveal
The movement of
Footsteps in leaves,
All reds and yellows
Tracing foothills to
The apple orchard.

Here are her roots,  
The liminal spaces are
Where she calls home.
Her choice made, she
Stands at a precipice
Between two chapters
Of her life. In a way,
It is very much like
Wading into a cold
River’s current:

We may never be
Able to control it,
Nor should we, but
If we listen to the
Words it speaks,
We may live a
Fuller life indeed.


The Ptarmigan

August 18, 2019

Between mountain peaks
And passing clouds, you
Just might spot the nest
Of a rock ptarmigan.

Her plumage the mottled
Browns and golds of an
Expecting mother, tending
Her clutch in summer heat.

But though she is vigilant,
These eggs will never hatch.
Her efforts in vain, she will
Try to encourage their shells.

Eventually, she will abandon
Them, and her speckled visage,
For snowy tundra brush and
A clean start in white feathers.



July 15, 2019

Each time you fall in love
Your heart aligns with some
Combined force of elements
To express its true nature.

Some couples are like earth,
Stable, and reliable as granite.
Their roots go deep into the
Mantle of the earth and beyond.

Some burst forth with fire,
As explosive as a backdraft
And over just as quickly.
They shine brilliant as the sun.

Others still flow like waters
As tumultuous as the ocean,
With bouts of quiet calm in
Between furious storm winds.

Our love, dear, is like the air:
Hardest to find and to break.
Loving you is as simple as taking
A deep breath on a clear morning.

When others ask us how we do it,
We shrug and breathe our love in.