Wildfire’s Lament

September 7, 2017

Waking up in a dream,
Each passing moment is
Adrift in a thickened haze
Of smoke from fires we’ll
Never be able to smother.

For weeks, I’d wander out
Into the swirling ether and
Strain my eyes to see past
The veil placed upon us all,
But it’s far too unwieldy.

I know nature has its way;
The fires may engulf us, but
In the end it kindles a birth
Of all things green, even in
The throes of summertime.

When the October mist
Finally arrives, we shall
Welcome its coming
As never before- like
Parched plains in June.




July 6, 2016

The surface of the lake
Looked as placid as glass
As it reflected the late
July noon back at itself.
His parents had said that
They could swim there
As often as they liked,
But each time he waded
Out into the murky green
Waves, his heart told him no.

He recalled, later, how his
Biggest fear had always been
Feeling something alive
On the bottom of the lake,
Limp arms like tentacles
Grasping his legs, dragging
Him down into the darkness.
“Come on out, Timothy,”
His older brother called
From the anchored dock.
He did not want to seem
That he was afraid, so he
Held his breath and leapt.

Looking upwards, the many
Ripples on the surface above
Shimmered endlessly, making
A living sky of gold and green…
As they pulled his body out,
His eyes were still open in
Eternal wonder and awe.

Ninety seconds later,
He coughed up the water
From his desperate lungs.
He would live on. However,
That brief moment of pure
Tranquillity, looking up at
The rainbowed surface,
Would remain with him
To the end of his days.



March 2, 2015

Alder smoke passed between
We two, casting sickly haze.
Though you had only seen
Me, I could only be amazed.

A cloud of grey and down
Circling slowly, meandering
Like the King’s final mound-
My love, alas, a fickle thing.

With eyes like burning embers
You wore a hemlock wreath;
But in this dream, remember:
If I be sword, you are sheath.



March 2, 2015

We met, alone, again.
You wore your hair up,
With a white sweatshirt
And a scarf around you.
I remembered, suddenly,
Just how much I missed
Your eyes in particular.
It had been more than
Ten long years since you
And I had seen each other,
But it felt like even longer.

It’s difficult, really, to
Describe the feeling of
Having so much to say
And yet to be unable to
Speak. The air itself is
Pregnant with emotions
I cannot speak into life.

Suddenly, a change:
Your eyes widen in fear,
And you stand to leave.
You won’t say why, but
I know you cannot stay.
In the blink of my eyes
And a flutter of wings,
You became a bird
And took to the warm
Sea air, never to return.


The Companion

February 9, 2015

She was unexpected, but
Looking back I should
Have known better.
When only I could see
Her smile, her freckles,
I ought to have known
That some people are
Real, and some people…
Are something else.

When she followed me
To school, I thought it’d
Be fun to have a friend
Along for recess. But,
To my surprise, no one
Else could see her; she
Existed in the one place
She would be truly safe:
Inside of my mind.

Only once have I seen
Her since that afternoon-
She came to me one night
Like a ghost, ethereal,
And told me she still
Wandered behind me
Pondering whether or
Not to show herself.
I told her she could go
But she decided to stay.



January 22, 2015

Tandem lives, not parallel, but
Perpendicular, weave together
To form a pattern that no one
But God herself can see.
Your breath forms a cloud
In the January air, and even
Now I can remember your
Face behind the haze;
Lips pursed, just to one side,
A smirk that I have become
So accustomed to seeing
Slowly comes into view.

The irony of our connection
Is not lost on me: it is only
That which keeps us close
(Not geographically) that
Separates us still today.
There’s not a soul alive
Who could testify to the
Uncommon bond we share,
And yet, here I am again.
One day, we’ll meet up
Over a pot of earl grey,
And our stories will rise
Into reality once more.



October 21, 2014

Hold your breath:
You’ll need all the
Air you can get.
Fill your lungs,
Because tonight
We shall explore
The depths of me.

Years of murky guilt
Float past us during
Our lengthy descent.
Tiny moments of
Regret burst, silently,
Sending up a wave of
Bubbles trailing to
The distant surface.

The seafloor emerges
From below, littered
With the thoughts
I pushed overboard
Long ago, things
Left to the sea,
Never to return.

You nod, eyes closed;
This is where you will
Remain with me.