Storm Flower

May 24, 2012

Far east, beside a lake
Stood a graceful lily.
The air around her would
Shimmer ever so slightly,
As if the residual energy
Inside misted off into the
Haze of a bright summer sky.
She was a storm flower,
Thriving in the aftermath of
Thunderclaps and mighty wind.
Electric blue petals wept,
If only from the rain, as
She nodded towards the west.
Distant rumblings proved that
The night was far from over.
No longer grey and wilted,
She shined like the sunset:
Orange, red, and violet.


Silent Lightning

October 9, 2008

originally written in August 2008

The flash of blinding light
An angry god, manifests his
Fury into the purest form
Of destruction

“Thor is angry! Boom boom boom!”
If only they knew the pain that he took
To forge each bolt, to craft them with
The utmost care and precision

Behind each flash
A strange silence echoes
No thunderclap, just
Silent lightning

Each and every strike
Of the white-hot crack
Accompanies a tear
Streaking down his cheek
Sizzling like the air
On that summer’s eve

Nobody questions why
There is no sound to this
Natural light show

A painful sigh
Only the memory of a kiss
And a chance to grow