The Flight of Icarus

December 6, 2010

I knew that I was in trouble
The moment things took a turn
(It didn’t feel like an uphill).
And, like Prudence, I would’ve
Done anything to see her smile.
For some reason I decided to fly
Up through the cloud cover,
And that one fucking night
When things got too warm,
The wax melted and I felt myself

A rush of cold air and feathers,
The moment of realization that
This thing was over.
I hated that I had done it.
I was the one responsible,
And I’d never see her
Shining face again.
The faint cry of a seagull
As people go on with their
Daily grind, unaware of my
Inevitable demise.
And as I hit the waves
Below, the final thought
To go through my mind
Is only: farewell.



November 22, 2010

Across Elliot Bay,
I can see Alki through
The veil of misting rain.
It is dry here now,
And even though the sun
Quietly illuminates one half
Of the ash grey skies,
The first thing I notice
Is the wind.

A shift in the air, and
The ocean breeze rushes
Against my right side:
It smells like salt,
And something else
I can’t quite place.
A glance upwards and I
See the clouds hurrying
Towards the horizon in
A natural melancholy…
Suddenly I stand and smile.

It is on these days
That my mind wanders
Onto your familiar doorstep;
Too anxious to knock
I simply wait for morning.


A Reluctant Digression

October 9, 2008

originally written in September 2008

the scent of your perfume
crashes like a weight on my mind
I’ve been there before, in that
tiny moment where I can see
through the cracks in your
smile and with a single touch
bring the whole thing to ruin

unable to deny that glance
I dodge your questions like
an acrobat on a tightrope
you reach deeper than
I wanted you to, you weren’t
supposed to see who I am
beneath the surface

I keep you at arm’s length
because I’m unsure of the
consequences of your actions
make sure to fly under
the radar, it’s a gamble
for you to even be here
go take a road trip back
to the center of my heart

the sound of your voice
hurts my eyes, and I rush
to escape from where I
wish so desperately
to return