Her Name Means River

April 1, 2019

Her real name is known
To only those ancient
Enough to remember the
Deserts as ocean floors
And all lands as one.
The lakes are where they
Say she was birthed,
Though who can say
If those stories are true.

You can feel her pulse
When you reach into
The mineral-rich silt or
As you listen to the
Rushing water crash
In perfect rhythm over
The smoothed stones.

Our ancestors called her
A seasonal bourn, prone
To droughts and flooding.
As much as they needed
Her flowing waters, she
Couldn’t have cared less.
When heavy rains came,
Her banks overflowed in
Muddy, frigid waters that
Took bridges and carts
And lives along with it.

Try as we might, we are
Pathetically helpless to
Her never-ending flow.
The wise knew to react
Only with kindness, to
Send her a tribute for
The tributary, and to
Thank her waters for
Providing them with life.



October 21, 2008

who is like the Lord?
it’s a symbol of persona
represented by more symbols
a facemask of letters
brittle like eggshells
I was lucky, I got four

one for an archangel
(fiery sword in hand)
another for my father
(a constable of morality)

the last two, a pair
(from a distant land)
a son’s hatred for
his father’s disparity

an interesting
one might wonder
the intersection of
Moses and Copperfield
wherein I have made
a burrowed home
underground with no
welcome mat