February 12, 2018

Catapulting away
From our planet’s
Feeble grasp on you,
The endless blanket
Of the universe as
We know it lies ahead.
It isn’t heavy with fear,
But instead it is
As you have become
During your escape.
The swirling cosmos
Are your home now.

Passing through the
Unknown palettes of
Untouched nebulae,
You explore where
Few shall ever go.
Between the mazes
Of twisting asteroids,
Your path will be lit
By the glow of stars
Who died eons ago.
And even when you’ve
Passed beyond all the
Worlds and galaxies,
Even then I’ll love you.


La Luna

October 11, 2014

Following an
Ancient spiral
Through space,
She dances well.
Brilliant minds
Have spent many
Long nights
Studying her
Top to bottom,
Asphalt grey
Betrayed by our
Star’s unrelenting
Barrage of light.

To wax poetic,
Affection for our
Natural satellite
Has never waned.
And while we
Know now that
Her cosmic waltz
Inches her just
A little farther
From us each year,
The tides and
Our songs will
Never let her go.


Escape Velocity

January 29, 2010

Hardened grains of salt, like
Tiny meteors, waiting to be
Swept off into deeper space-
When my eyelids close
I can see nothing
Except the fireworks I wish
That we were making.
Finally, a clear night!
Nebulous clouds dissipate
As I gaze to the north,
Ursa Major wags his tail
And waves his paw, but
He won’t ever come to visit
(To be fair, I would need
A much bigger table).
So even though I’ll never
Feel the freedom of
Escaping Earth’s greedy pull,
I am content in the
Study of her neighbors
Whenever I may
Get the chance.



April 5, 2009

Shut the bedroom door
The lock clicks as it throws
The room into darkness
Lying on my back I can see
My index finger trace
A satellite’s trajectory across
The smoky black curtain
Spread above us
My eyes scan the horizon
Searching for Saturn
After all, it is my
Favorite planet

A sudden flash of light
The tail of a comet screams
Past in the silence of space
Tiny bits of rock, born on
The other side of existence
Paint bright red lines
Through the atmosphere
And land on your pink cheeks
Ripe from the sun’s caress
They’ve come all this way
To become the freckles
Below those perfect eyes
We are floating quietly
Beyond all we’ve ever known
For an eternity and a half
Just so that we can return
And see the world
Come to ruin