Our Sanctuary

March 29, 2011

Out in the shades of sunset,
Deep hues cast the trees in bronze
The mountain peaks and tall pines
Issue forth a call, a summons,
That we simply could not ignore
A most primal instinct, manifested
In the desires of two human beings
With the only outcome to be
A pause from the everyday
A careful escape from everything
That we held dear

It was not to run away
From city life,
It was to dive into the
Open mouth of nature
We wanted to be
Digested by the earth
And let ourselves grow
Up from out of the soil

There, a love blossomed, such
As the world had not seen in ages
The communion of two
(Three if you count the mountain)
Forged a new, sacred life
Beneath a hundred-foot oak
We signed the contract
With the sweetest kiss
I have ever known


High Stakes

April 25, 2009

The sound of church bells
A man and a woman inside
Longing eyes look into each other
Tears flow and nerves are chewed
And two become one- a union forms
Moonbeams smile down across
White sands and palms swaying
In gentle unison with the wind
Consummation by more than
Just wedding bands
Two lives intertwined into
A towering thicket of mistrust
With no way to bridge the gap
Years fall away like petals
On a week old rose
Soon that old spark leaves
What you once knew as
Nigh impenetrable is now
Shattered, like ancient ruins of
Kings and men long since dead
My creeping shadow leans in
With just a touch he is mine
To leave you silent in the room
Where your husband died
The one necessary casualty
To amend a lifetime of guilt
A fly buzzes past but
Nobody noticed it