Darker Times

December 9, 2015

The moments that are coldest
Are those when you can see
The cracks in time, like glass
Splintered in a windshield.

Even though it will not snow,
The winter still bites, teeth
Sinking deep into old wounds:
It is the dark time now.

Each midnight passes, frozen,
Waiting for that icy sunrise to
Peek over the horizon and warm
Us in its temporary glow.

But however long it may take,
The cold never stays forever.


The First Act

August 27, 2014

‘Tis not upon each one of us
To carry the weight of them,
The myriad minds mired in rust
From fragile summer gems.
Our role, as teachers, is to be
Stewards for their lives shaken,
Guides for thoughts to be free,
And provide risks to be taken.
Now, with naught but a week
Left before the first bell rings,
We must be serene, and seek
The quiet time evening brings.
We’re off to the races, friends;
Now, please, put down your pens.  


On Endurance

June 8, 2009

In our convoluted and modern age,
The one reliable escape for young and old
Is the music played and the stories told
Men are mortal- except those onstage.
As Time’s hand slowly turns the page
Those remembered are in fact the bold;
Whose lines today are still bought and sold,
A kind of magic surpassing the best mage.
So perhaps the secret to immortality
Lies not within a stone or a holy cup,
Like the kings of old had believed;
But instead within scripted senility.
One must, with culture’s child, sup
So that Death’s yoke be relieved.