Prex Precis

October 8, 2009

Oh, stone deity;
Trembling godhead
And watcher of the world
We, your meaningless subjects
Search for an audience
With your seven part glory
How do you rule yourself?
This earth, soil and rock,
Filled to the brim with
Pink bodies with rusted faces,
Red tinged bars, forming
Parallel scars criss-crossing
The continent’s back
Shining rails, never used,
Like metallic lace on
Mother Nature’s thighs
Why such hate and ignorance?
What is the opposite of love?
The answer is power, friend;
Power over those you love
And even those you don’t
Especially those you don’t
Like old strings on
An new guitar, they
Lie so out of place
So unfamiliar
That God herself
Laughs at our feeble
Attempts to control
That which can never be


Divine Purchase

April 19, 2009

You bite your fingernails
Down to the quicks,
Pink and white lines;
Watching television
Blurred forms across
A smeared window pane,
Sifting through the
Ambient noise of the
Lies you’ve never told me.
Pour some oil onto
My creaking gears so
I can convince myself that
There’s no problem with
The way I’ve come to
Know this world.
Nights like these I wish
That I lived in the sixties:
Peasant dresses and
Blue bandanas.
The best advice you
Could give was to
Free your mind.

We don’t have a name
For this decade of ours;
I’m evaporating slowly
Like particles of light
Down through the
Stained glass windows
Of a dusty church.
I would sit in the pews
And ask God why I feel
So empty when I’m alone,
And He would lean
Over and say,
“You aren’t.”


Fat Tuesday

February 24, 2009

Suddenly caught up
In the moments of night,
Epiphany has come and gone.
Now a day for shroves
Bears its teeth in a flash
Of white and sickly yellow.
Earn your beads, and let
It all hang out today.

A steamy shortstack,
Fluffy wheat pancakes,
Like the insulation for my soul.
Today’s your last chance!
No inhibitions withstanding
For ere the sun rises,
Sacrifice and depravation,
The willful giving of persona
Whose only motivation
Is to appease a deity
Who turned his back on you
Twenty-three hours ago.

Where is the balance
In this barren world,
When you stack sins
Like playing cards,
Only to fall apart
With calamity?


Saint Valentine

February 14, 2009

Build me a fireplace
In the cavernous hole
Where you used to be
So I can curl up with a good book
And feel the waning heat from
The embers of our solstice love
Now I simply try to remember
Not to say the wrong thing
At the right time
Pour me a stiff drink
So I can sober up and take in
The last few days, a curtain
Drops and signifies my birth
A clarion call resonates past
Even God herself wouldn’t
Know what to do with that
Light me up like a Cuban cigar
And let me smolder for an hour
Grey feathers of ash twitch
In the doorway