November 25, 2016

The air was thick
With desperation,
She had known it
From the start.

Now, bare arms
Folded on the sill,
She looked out at
The distant stars.

It was impossible
To count them all,
Millions of them
Aligned just for her.

A sense of regret
Washed over her
As she listened to
Her partner breathe.

She jotted a note
For the woman
Left alone in bed,
But, with a beat,
Tore the note up
And quietly left.


A Thief’s Tale

September 13, 2016

Stalking silently through
Back alleys as dark as sin…
Her aim was always true,
Her dagger, cruel and thin.

No ordinary cutpurse,
She answers to no man.
A conscience is her curse,
The damned are her clan.

Beneath a morning mist
She took one life by mistake.
With death her blade kissed:
A child’s life she did take.

Now she roams, eyes shut,
Burdened still by her guilt.
Deeper than blades may cut,
Her fate now seems to tilt.

With each life she steals
Another soul’s recompense.
True natured, this reveals:
Her final duty is defence.

Driven by her undying pain,
Now only evil shall be slain.


The 6th House

August 7, 2016

Another traveller awaits us,
Wandering nude in fields of wheat
With dark, charcoal skin and eyes
Like mercury: silver and deadly.

This one is careful, knowing
What you will ask before you do:
Her wisdom in all things is
Unmistakably sound.

This daughter of Apollo has
Appeared in a thousand tales
In a thousand lifetimes, but
None of them do her justice.

With her return, she heralds
A new golden age of peace.


The 5th House

August 6, 2016

A fanfare of trumpets
Announces the next traveller
And his regal arrival, as he is
Carried in upon a throne.

This sign fancies himself king
Over his brothers and sisters,
But in truth, he’s ruled by only
One: the sun itself.

His attendants revolve around
Him, he rarely leaves his seat.
With golden crown perched high,
He sits fixed to reign long.

While he may be a false king,
His warmth shines out into space.


The 4th House

August 5, 2016

As our next traveller arrives,
She smells strongly of the ocean
And carries an épée; she wears
Only a bright orange dress.

Though she dislikes strangers,
If you tell her a good joke, she’ll
Smile like a crescent moon
And call you a friend.

But be warned: this one lives
On the beach like a hermit, even
The other signs are guarded
Around her quick temper and steel.

She will tell you goodbye, but
Won’t leave until morning.


The 3rd House

July 11, 2016

Out of thin air, they arrive.
Twins run in this household,
And as these come forth, it is
Clear that they cannot decide.

What they can’t decide upon
Is which of them is smarter,
(A dangerous question) but if
They ask you, DO NOT answer.

This partnership is unique:
While it may seem to divide,
They are stronger together…
There’s a lesson to learn in that.

A couplet in physical form, they
Dance away towards the horizon.


The 2nd House

July 11, 2016

Approaching from the sea,
Our next traveller wades in
From his island home, horns
And hooves shining in the sun.

A practical creature, it is not
Prone to speaking aloud. He is
Proud but not boastful, truly an
Independent thinker of his time.

With each hoof imprinted in
The sand, a coin purse jingles;
He does not seem to feel like
Sharing in his king’s ransom.

A perfect sign of ambition, he’ll
Reign with two curved horns.