The Facade

May 8, 2017

She said something odd
Into his ear as they moved
Together, blissfully silent
In the darkest of hours.

He stopped, abruptly,
Confusion across his face.
Her breathy whisper was
Quiet, but very clear:

“With wounds as old
As original sin, we prey
Upon the weaker flesh.”

In the morning, she lay
Amongst the silences of
Her own wrongdoing…
He’d never be seen again.



March 9, 2015

Companionship needed:
Must be red-blooded American
(Though I’d settle for Canadian).
Independent and free-spirited,
No close family is a plus.
Must appreciate the night life,
Willing to stay up ’til sunrise;
Let’s just say I’m not the kind to
Make you breakfast the next day.
I’m a bit of a history buff
But none of that sissy stuff,
I like the wars and bloodshed
Brother against brother, etc.

If you like pale-skinned guys
And can appreciate a date
With a toothsome smile,
Meet me, alone, near the
Old north church (not inside)
And I promise to show you a
Night to remember!

(Please reply with photo,
Age, and blood type.)