The 1st House

May 6, 2016

Erupting forwards like a
New-born flame is the next
Traveller, gliding effortlessly
Across the shimmering sky.

The oracles could not see
How its true form appeared:
Like fire, it dances and leaps
Too quickly to make out.

Compass in hand, it gazes on,
Looking for the next road to
Be the first to travel down…
Its journey will never truly end.

With blazing light it leads,
Both too new and yet too old.


The 12th House

May 6, 2016

The next traveller to visit
Is by far the oldest, wisest;
His key made of white stone
(Not iron) and mossy bloom.

What most notice first
About him are the gills,
They widen and narrow
With each labored breath.

He rises again in spring with
The freshly melted snow,
But each time he also weeps
For those he could not save.

By April, he is gone; returned
To the sea where he was born.


The 11th House

March 1, 2016

This penultimate traveller
Arrives fashionably late, her
Arms carefully wrapped amid
The belly of a tall water urn.

With one eye green and the
Other bright blue, and wavy
Hair striped in many hues, she
Stands apart from the rest.

Her wit cuts like a winter wind,
Cold and precise and unfailingly
Honest. In fact, some have said
That she has never told a lie.

Her clarity brings few friends, but
Those who stay are true indeed.


The 10th House

March 1, 2016

Be careful you don’t miss
Our next traveller: his small
Stature and humble dress
Might fool some, but not us.

Dirty plough over his shoulder,
This one is clothed in the meek
Make of one who knows just
How simple life ought to be.

His horns protrude out of
Curly chocolate locks, and
Upon his head a hat of straw;
Good tilled earth is his home.

None left know much about him,
But all who know his name smile.


The 9th House

January 24, 2016

From this house comes forth
The eternal traveller, born from
Fire and ashes, and with her bow
Speaks truth like arrowheads.

What keeps this celestial body
In motion is her lust for freedom.
Not tethered to either world, she
Instead serves as a bridge between.

Her quiver full, her bowstring sings
Songs of other realms she’s visited.
The wind itself carries her aloft into
Lands never touched by man or god.

Even now, she is gone; off to
Carry her spirit into another year.