Paper Hearts

February 10, 2010

Such strange circumstances
That I should feel so compelled
(Magnetically) to celebrate
February the fourteenth
Almost universally known as the
Most cliché and overly important
Holidays of the year
Ulterior motives as thinly veiled
As the paper hearts that get
Strung up along first grade
Classrooms across the country.

And yet, here I am.
I think about the flowers shipped
And the chocolates eaten, and
Twelve roses given to the past.
A grin creeps across my face
Hiding quietly is my own secret
Beautiful reason to celebrate
And the Boy that once was
Is no more.
In his place stands a Man, who
Beyond all recognition has fought
Bravely and tirelessly, just to
See that one lovely face
And thank the Maker
For his creation