May 10, 2018

When the world stops
Turning and time slows
To a crawl, this is when
The muses strike true.

All art begins in silence.
Like finding the eye in
The proverbial storm,
Inspiration blossoms.

The universe rotates
Around your mind as
The words snap into
Their ultimate focus.

Do not rely upon others;
Your answer lies within.



March 30, 2015

She sat, motionless,
Listening to the quiet
Lapping of the water
Against the sides of
The tub as she gently
Shifted her weight.
The room dark, she
Began to think about
All the things unsaid.

Bubbles and water
Raised slightly as she
Lowered herself into
The tub, leaving only
Wisps of her hair to
Float on the surface.
Eyes open, beneath
Everything she knew
She had wanted to be.

When she could hold
Onto it no longer, her
Hands grasped the edge
Of the tub, exhuming
Her body from the
Grave of meditation.
Somehow, she knew,
Things would never
Be the same again.