House of Leaves

August 25, 2011

A savory breeze passed the time
Blowing across a tall wheat field
Many had prayed there, lived there,
But few had truly understood it

At the top of a hill, there laid
The foundations of what never was
Little more than a bald green hill
Surrounded by a sea of gold

You played house with a
Floor plan made of leaves and
Your heart in full bloom; you took me
By utter and complete surprise

I thought, more than once, that perhaps
My place had been there, on that hill
Where neither time nor mind could ever
Shatter the veil that we had created

What remains is a lost ruin,
A monument to opportunities and
The events of a tangent world
Still imprinted upon ours

The two souls reunite, they say
If you wait for a harvest moon
And listen for their laughter
In the cold autumn night.