The Fisher King

July 21, 2011

Winding paths across mountainous terrain
And almost a year of journeying have brought me
To the same dusty dance steps from before
It’s a good thing it’s hard to forget

Occasionally, I will get to move around
My leg has split open like an over-ripe banana
Making it difficult to manage my kingdom
But thanks to that eternal treasure, I make do

It truly has been an arduous task
With grinding of teeth and a whimper,
I exhale the wind from this waste land
What’s done is done

Like Moses, I shall now spend my days
Looking out into my destiny but never to
Sit, speak, experience what never was
Each new morning is a reminder of it

With one sweeping glance, I notice you
Standing across the chasm from me, waving
You look like a wraith; grey and wispy
But there is no doubt about who it is

I can do nothing but simply wave back
In the way a child would wave at the tail
End of the car carrying his best friend away
I am struck by the honesty in that moment



Terra Pax

November 10, 2010

Once, there was a King
of a quiet little domain
he had his sons and his dogs
a garage filled with things
most people hid in closets
under the stairs
a proud lion of a man,
he kept them secret
for his own reasons

then one day, he decided
it was time to find a Queen
worthy of his rusted throne
the woman he chose had
two sons of her own, and
looked for nothing more
than a place to settle

years go by and the King
grows bitter and angry
tired of his life how it is, he
took his frustrations out on
those closest to him
and they took it,
bruises and all,
because they thought he
would become something more
something worth their effort
but men’s hearts are not
so easily swayed
and the ways of his anger
became martial law

a fortnight of battle
swelling from within
until, finally, the climax
the Queen steals away
in the twilight hour
leaving the King a shell
of what he once was

now, the King is dead
no funeral pyre, instead
the towering stack of his own
life’s regrets and mistakes,
piled together as a testament
to one man’s legacy
terra pax indeed