April 28, 2015

Warm rains mists onto the hood
Of our car during a May shower,
Obscuring the windshield in waves.

An ominous blanket of fog descends,
Taking with it any sense of visibility.
While harmless, a vague feeling of
Grey isolation creeps in silently:
The rain doesn’t make a sound.

Our tiny world muffled, we’ll wait
For the fog to lift and reveal the
Sun-kissed city once again.



Cumulo Nimbus

May 21, 2010

High clouds materialize above
a marble pile of earth
the summer air crackles with
heat and anticipation

a momentous space
between the clouds
reveals Orion and his
belt three stars wide

everyone knows what’s coming
darkened and grey forms
the heavens are ready to tear
the veil of the sky in two
the stage is set and the
players ready themselves

a streak of light
miles long in the air
rolling over us

then, of course, we
hold our breath and
begin to count
how far away were we?
how close were we to
nature’s terrible fury?
one one thousand
two one thousand
three one-

there it is

I guess we weren’t
as far away as we
thought we were