January 5, 2018

I think
On some level
We all wonder
Who our parents were
Before we were there.
As people, as humans,
What were they really
Like before waking up
To midnight cries and
Childhood desires?

If things had been
Who would they have
Grown to love?
Possibilities branch off
Into a million places
But the person remains
The same choices,
The same decisions made.
Which begs the question:
Would I be the same?

We are told that
Life is cyclical,
Orbiting ourselves in
Concentric circles as
We slowly become
Mirages of them.
If they are still here,
I suppose, then so am I.



Tricky Questions

February 13, 2013

I will always remember the time
She asked: “Daddy, what’re dreams?”
It was a simple enough question,
But I this was one I wanted to
Get right… so I stopped and thought
About movies and books and people,
Folks like MLK and John Lennon.
She was still looking at me for a
Good long while as I processed the
Question. I told her that dreams
Were the pictures and things you
Can see when you are asleep,
That your brain never really
Goes to bed and just keeps giving
You things to think about.

Now it was her turn to process.
She scratched her head between
The pigtails and said “Okay, but
What about when people tell
You to chase your dreams?”
A thinker, this one.
I told her that eventually she
Will feel like there is something
She is meant to do, and that thing
Is also called a dream because it’s
Something that is hard to get to
But worth the trouble.
She smiled, and replied,
“I like dreams.”
So do I, dear. So do I.