The 10th House

March 1, 2016

Be careful you don’t miss
Our next traveller: his small
Stature and humble dress
Might fool some, but not us.

Dirty plough over his shoulder,
This one is clothed in the meek
Make of one who knows just
How simple life ought to be.

His horns protrude out of
Curly chocolate locks, and
Upon his head a hat of straw;
Good tilled earth is his home.

None left know much about him,
But all who know his name smile.


Mister Capricorn

January 18, 2011

Every January it’s the same thing;
An annual event for a perennial struggle.
I always wish, quietly, that I could
Look back and watch each of my birthdays,
In sequential order, just to see each year
Within a single batted eyelash.

Each memory sticks like a cheap t-shirt
On a muggy summer day. I am soaked in it.
Now, as I enter a world where I give
All of myself to students and paper clips
Are treated like currency, I strain my eyes
To see all of my future birthdays
Stretched out ahead of me, like an
Ash-grey boardwalk. A million lives,
Running parallel to my own, rushing
Wildly like a river full of salmon.

If nothing else, I would wish my
Future self a very happy birthday.