The 4th House

August 5, 2016

As our next traveller arrives,
She smells strongly of the ocean
And carries an épée; she wears
Only a bright orange dress.

Though she dislikes strangers,
If you tell her a good joke, she’ll
Smile like a crescent moon
And call you a friend.

But be warned: this one lives
On the beach like a hermit, even
The other signs are guarded
Around her quick temper and steel.

She will tell you goodbye, but
Won’t leave until morning.




February 10, 2011

A short poem, since you don’t deserve more.
The symptoms began to show through
And the cancer must be removed.
I must fold you up, like a paper airplane,
And toss you into the northeast winds.
Oh, how this simple act releases me!
Freedom like a sunrise breaks
And races forwards; I ride with it
Into what I know is a better day.