The Funeral

June 25, 2010

Not wholly unanticipated,
It had been the product of
Years and years,
Countless cigarettes and
A hundred and one nights
He couldn’t remember;
Faces from long ago
Gathered en masse as the
Wide casket was lowered,
The dusty stars and stripes
Draped meticulously
Across the top.

Out of the seven of us,
He was the one we didn’t
Expect would ever settle down,
Find a woman, and have a kid.
Now here we all were,
The widow and her son
Standing at the edge…
Terra Pax
I shook the boy’s hand,
And told him that his
Father had been a good man.

We had almost expected him
To outlast us all (to be fair,
Perhaps he still shall in the end).
I made sure to leave before
The twenty-one gun salute.