Daughters of the Wild

July 6, 2014

Unlike those who are born
From the forest, the Daughters
Are those who seek to leave
Their mortal lives behind and
Become one with the deity
Who rules all beneath
Leaf and bough, forever
Tied to the loamy soil.

They may start life, as most
Tiny buds do, in quiet and
Understated circumstances,
Letting time and sunlight
Do what food and water
Simply cannot.

As they mature, like roses
With petals opened just so,
They reveal their potential,
And burst forth into the wild.
They serve Her now, and
Perform ancillary duties to
The realm of leaves.

You will only hear them
Sigh if you listen closely,
It is a blessed breeze
On a hot summer’s day.



2 Responses to “Daughters of the Wild”

  1. MSBQ Says:

    Why thank you! 🙂

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