A Curious Thome

November 8, 2013

No one can really be sure
Where it came from or who
First put the proverbial pen
To the paper; it has lived in
Dozens of used bookstores
And dusty sidewalk sales.
For now, it occupies the
Lowest shelf in a busy café,
Waiting patiently just for
Someone to pick it up.

This is no normal lexicon,
Despite its cow-hide cover
Faded by both time and
A thousand curious palms.
While its pages, in reality,
Are crisp and utterly blank,
Each pair of eyes that pick
And devour its contents
Perceive the many leaves
Within differently:
To each their own.

So seamless is this
Literary transition that
No one has suspected it,
Beneath cracked hardcover
And leather bindings lies a
Boon from a deity long
Forgotten. Each reader is
So completely submerged
In the story tailored for them
That when a moment of
Catharsis and conclusion
Is finally achieved, all they
Can do is smile wanly, and
Remember fond memories
Of simpler times.



One Response to “A Curious Thome”

  1. I just now got to reading this. I dunno why I hadn’t before, especially since I helped a little bit 😉 I really like it! Very mysterious!

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