August 7, 2013

Pale blue waves wash
Over jagged black boulders,
Darkening the beach with
The ebb and flow of the tide.
Something here, in this place,
Is a clue to ancient knowledge
Long forgotten by history
And modern man; in these
Mounds of earth and rock
Lies the secret to life.

It thrives here. You can
Taste it when you inhale
And feel it with the wind
Spraying foam and mist
Across your face. The few
Who remain here have
Become loyal to the sea;
They will not tell you.
Quiet and stoic, like
The grey behemoth
Whale sharks that drift
In and out of the deeper
Waters, sifting through
Both time and seafoam
For their supper.

To find the secret, you
Must search for yourself.
With each sunset, a part
Of your life sinks into
The Pacific with it.
Letting go is always
The hardest part.



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