May 12, 2013

I. The Sower’s Seeds

A fair sun rises across
Rows of farmland soil, set
Too-perfectly in parallel to
The dusty old road.
As the farmer scatters
His precious cargo, some
Find purchase in rich loam,
But most simply do not.
A mischievous wind, the
Life-giving sun, and even
Nature itself lays ruin
To his endeavor. But…
Does the fault lie upon
The seeds or the farmer?
Intention is pure, yes,
But a great many things
Lie out of reach of the
Tiny forsaken seeds.
Are they truly lost?

II. The Workers in the Vineyard

Above all things, this story is
Designed to frustrate the faithful
And give solace to the absent.
Perhaps the LORD of the manor
Should look into worker’s rights
And salaried wages before
Offering a simple denarius
In exchange for any length
Of work in His fields. Perhaps,
Instead, it is the quality of work
That we should focus upon?
Or, just maybe, it simply states
The facts: life is vastly unjust.

III. The Prodigal Son

To say nothing of the inherent
Potency of unconditional love,
The tale of the prodigal son
Tends to get glossed over.
How should the Father sleep,
Knowing his son cries out
In the sties of pigs? How can
He reconcile the days, weeks,
Of what must be torturous?
A large feast, a graceful return,
And the status quo remains;
Those who give plenty will
Never really gain it back.



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