The Trials of a Man Undone

April 29, 2013

Once, in the land of the dead
A particular man thought
Long and hard on what he’d lost.
He yearned to become new,
No more had he to speak-
For he had lost his love.

“What of my love?”
He asked the Lord of the Dead,
“Will you not speak?”
Still as winter, it thought.
Its answer, alas, was not new:
“All is lost.”

The man’s spirit felt lost
In a world without love;
Surely the world was new
And he, alive, not dead.
This once sacred thought
Is what drove him to speak:

“I may be gone, but I speak
For those who are forever lost.
Our lives are but a thought
To those who cannot love,
Those who dwell with the dead.
I demand to be borne new!”

The man’s wish to be new
Also caused his heart to speak,
And the Lord of the Dead
Began to dwell on what it had lost:
Life, springing into love
(What a beautiful thought).

Given to its unfamiliar thought,
The Quiet God tried something new.
“To live is to love,”
The man had heard it speak,
“For those who are lost
Are not only those who are dead.”

A thought, bloomed, will make one speak;
For those new ideas are often easily lost.
The strength in love is that it cannot be dead.



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