To the Third Power

April 2, 2013

A moment, or a pause
To speak about the inherent
Power of three
This simple combination,
One, two, and three,
Permeates deeply.

Not only did it dominate
The architecture of ages
Long since forgotten,
It persists even today.
The relationship between
Father, Son, and Spirit;
The strongest bonds are
Forged in threes.
That perfect triangle
Lies dormant in religion,
Yes, but in our own times
That particular polygon
Represents equality,
Sexuality, and Power.
In literature, the element
Of three lives intertwined
Goes as far back as the
Words will allow.
Were it not for three,
Our whole lives would
Only be lived in X and Y.

It is that blessed Z,
That impressive little number
Who brings depth to our
Sorry little reality. Who would
Ever have thought that
A number would be cause
For gratitude?



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