February 22, 2013

My feet were unsteady upon
The salted wooden slats;
A berth of sorts stood across
From where I gazed, absent.
Two high masts towered above
And worn sails flapped against
A south-easterly breeze.

I could tell now that I had
Brought far too much, and so
I sold what I could to those
Dogs and pirates that called
My moorage home. I turned
To the sea, lapping against the
Sides of my new home:
The Sojourner.

A small, but experienced crew,
We set out into waters deep
And treacherous. There was a
Feeling, in the turning pit of
My stomach, that leaving
What I knew was safety behind
Could be a mistake… but as I
Peered into the vast open world
Ahead and above, I could not
Help but smile. Here, friend,
Is where I become alive.



One Response to “Pilgrimage”

  1. 🙂 Mmm sounds adventurous!

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