2012, The Year of Decision

January 1, 2013

Hey everyone! I know I usually post this sort of thing on the last day of the year, but thanks to my brother we had a heck of a good party on New Year’s Eve. Now, I will take the time to reflect on my resolutions from last year, as well put some together for the big ’13 ahead of us.

I want to start off by thanking my family and friends for all of the support I received this year. I managed (FINALLY) to graduate from college, get my teaching certificate, and head off into the world with my head held high. I would never have been able to do this without my incredible family, my hilarious friends, and my amazing girlfriend. You guys seriously rock.

Let’s take a look at last year’s resolutions:

1. Get my bachelor’s degree and teaching certificate.
Pretty simple. I want to put SPU in the rearview mirror for good.
Finally, finally, finally, I managed to get myself out of school and out into the world. Finding a teaching job has been significantly more difficult than I thought it would be / was ever told it would be, but I remain resolved to get myself into a classroom.

2. Continue to get my work published.
I really like sites like the ones who have already published me and I think it’s good for me to have the critical review.
So far, things have been quiet on this front. With actually graduating, (re)learning Spanish, and looking for a job, my writing quest has taken the back-burner. Looking back, I am impressed with my work this year. Seventeen new pieces remind me that I am still continuing my literary journey.

3. Work on and/or finish the short-story I have already started.
It’s going to take some effort, but I think I’ve got what it takes.
I actually did continue work on it, but my other expectations took over a bit. I plan to keep whittling away at it until I feel satisfied.

4. Travel outside of the country (legally).
I’m not talking “Into the Wild” or anything. I just want to see somewhere new.
I was so close to doing this one! My Dad and my brother and I were planning on heading up to Vancouver B.C. for a day or two but our plans fell through. Now that we’ve all got those fancy “enhanced” licenses, we will be heading up there soon, I’m sure!

5. Send hand-written letters to my friends abroad.
I think there is something to be said about getting snail mail these days.
The irony of this resolution is that my biggest contributor to “snail mail” as I have called it is my dear friend Alexa, who has almost single-handedly helped me with an entire postcard collage in my room. I should like to send some postcards of my own, if not some letters as well.

6. Read the Tolkien trilogy again.
I’m not sure how many times I’ve done this already, but I want to read it again.
Tolkien trilogy: no; some other very good books this year: yes.

7. Meet a famous author/poet face to face.
Listening to Neil Gaiman’s city hall lecture really got me inspired for this one.
While I didn’t manage to get into anything in particular this year, I did manage to sit down and have lunch with Sherman Alexie once or twice… I would count that as achievement.

8. Move back to Seattle.
I love my folks, but I feel like the emerald city is where I belong.
We don’t have to get into why I’m still not there but change is in the air, folks.

9. Get my own classroom.
Even if it was just as a substitute, I want to do what I love this year.
Alas, still no bites. Getting a teaching job is monumentally harder than I thought it would be, even just a substitute position. People keep telling me to look bigger or in different subjects but I’m only certified for English. Maybe I should work on another endorsement instead? Who knows.

10. Start saving for my future.
I’m turning 25 in little over two weeks. It’s time I start thinking ahead.
Not a bad idea, and one that I managed to deliver on somewhat. Having two jobs during the month of November really helped this one become a reality, considering I’m still just working part-time.

Nothing too spectacular, but I’m glad to see that my goals had been more or less achieved. When I look back at the last year and think of the difference between where I thought I would be by now and where I actually am now, I am astounded. However, I believe there is a reason to my trials and that in the end I will be better for the experience. Let’s see what I can come up with for this year…

1. Rewatch the television show LOST.
Those of you closest to me know how into this show I am, and I think it would really get my creative engines going again to watch those guys on the Island.

2. Get a teaching job. For real this time.
I’m out, I’m certified, and I’m ready to get in there.

3. Continue saving money and become more financially responsible.
I made this one resolution instead of two because they go hand in hand. I want to get myself in a place financially where I can handle life instead of just survive it.

4. Visit a national landmark that I’ve never been to before.
Yellowstone? The Grand Canyon? Disney World? All of the above would be awesome.

5. Become a better human being.
There have been times in the last year and a half (approximately) where I have felt that I have fallen short of where I want to be. I try hard to be a good person and let life happen as it will instead of freaking out or becoming negative but being a human is hard. I’ll work on it this year.

Yes, there’s only five this year. I felt like condensing things a little; more because I think I need to focus more, less because it’s simply easier to do five than ten. Get over it.

Thanks again for reading, and keep reading my blog! I have another poem brewing already, and the winter is traditionally a pretty good time for me creatively. You are all wonderful and I can’t wait to hang out with you again, preferably over a hot cup of tea / hot cup of coffee / cold glass of beer.


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