A Juxtaposition of Sorts

October 12, 2012

There is something innately
Poetic about sitting through
A funeral and a wedding,
(In that order, of course)
That I feel compelled to
Explain the contradiction

Both events are saturated
With faith, just of different
Kinds; both events involve
Large gatherings of family
And friends and former
Acquaintances all in one
Overly-warm room

I think the biggest thing
I noticed was that the way
We spoke about the couple
And the recently departed
Were not vastly different…
We simply want those we
Love to be happy

Is that too much to ask?
A stranger on the street
Could tell you that the
Number of people present is
A much better sign of quality
(Both living and dead)
Than what they did,
Or will do.

I sat, quietly, in each,
Hoping that I am spoken of
So fondly when it will
Be my day


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