Symphony in C

August 12, 2012

This must be what it feels
Like to do drugs
That intoxicating rush of
Electricity surging through
Every nerve ending you have,
Potent enough to make you
Wish you had just an ounce
More of whatever it is
The quiet click of the hammer
Moving into position to fire

There’s a sensation, you see,
When you are listening to a
Classical piece of music and
Right before the end, there’s
A subtle kind of energy that
Pulses back and forth:
At first slowly, but then
Building with intensity
Until it shakes you down
And you feel like you might
Be ripped apart
And then the dissonant chord
Becomes harmonic again,
The colors return to normal
The axis of the world tilts
Back to its usual listing
And you can breathe,
Finally, breathe.
That is what it is like
To love you.



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