Et Cetera

March 11, 2012

And so, like some
Danish prince of old,
I contemplate upon
The myriad paths
Laid down before me.

Course correction
Is what I need, that
Much is certain now.
If I keep my heading
Due south my end will
Be dramatic and imminent.

What, then, shall I pursue?
Let us say for conversation’s
Sake that I escape:
What then? If given the
Chance to teach would I
Be as good as I truly
Ought to be?

Stir me like mulled wine
And remove my impurities
Through fire and water
Until I am exactly what
They expect me to be.

No, that will not do.
I would rather face
A shimmering world of
Imperfections than slip
Quietly unnoticed through
The fens of life.

Even the finest wheat is
Cut from the field and
Tossed in with the others.



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