The Price of Pride

October 23, 2011

The Aegean once again lapped red
At the cliffs beyond the land of Troy;
He who called himself Alexander
Was brazenly pressing the Persians
Farther and farther to the east.
One particular moment, held then
As a grain of sand in an hourglass
Vibrating silently in mid-air,
When the actions of one permit
The conditions of many…
An officer of Lydia rose his sword
To finish off the Macedonian lord,
A cry rang out, and Melas the black
Swung mightily and sliced with a
Crimson splatter the arm of his
Friend and captain’s enemy.

Only a few short years later,
The one called Melas sat brooding.
His shield-brother and general
Now began to inform him of his
Assignment north, a task for
Dogs of war beneath his valor.
Melas stood, open-mouthed,
And cursed Alexander, much to
The dismay of his many allies.
What began as a drunken quarrel
Between two brothers at arms
Ended with a bloodied spearhead
Through Melas’ chest,
Frozen in time with the
Most peculiar look of surprise.



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