The Fisher King

July 21, 2011

Winding paths across mountainous terrain
And almost a year of journeying have brought me
To the same dusty dance steps from before
It’s a good thing it’s hard to forget

Occasionally, I will get to move around
My leg has split open like an over-ripe banana
Making it difficult to manage my kingdom
But thanks to that eternal treasure, I make do

It truly has been an arduous task
With grinding of teeth and a whimper,
I exhale the wind from this waste land
What’s done is done

Like Moses, I shall now spend my days
Looking out into my destiny but never to
Sit, speak, experience what never was
Each new morning is a reminder of it

With one sweeping glance, I notice you
Standing across the chasm from me, waving
You look like a wraith; grey and wispy
But there is no doubt about who it is

I can do nothing but simply wave back
In the way a child would wave at the tail
End of the car carrying his best friend away
I am struck by the honesty in that moment



One Response to “The Fisher King”

  1. Oh honey. What is this about? I love the picture you paint. I want to know more! 🙂

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