As The Crow Flies

March 7, 2011

The pardoned wish
For warmer weather
Idle clouds won’t switch
Ten tons of feathers
For across the grey and blue
An empty aching heartbeat
Lashes out in a natural hue:
Tears, blood, and sweat.

The blue smoke of winter’s scorn
Gives way to spring-time bloom
In this way a new season’s born
(Unknown to most, it’s over soon)
As thawing ice breaks and cracks
For the growing green of grass,
A careful eye will discern the facts;
The curve of beauty cannot last.

After all, there are only the pursued,
The pursuing, the busy, and the tired.



3 Responses to “As The Crow Flies”

  1. 🙂 great imagery ❤

  2. glh Says:

    Evocative images. I’m really enjoying reading your blog. Not sure where to click to follow?

  3. glh Says:

    Second attempt post. Great blog. Would very much like to follow

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