I Died Once

January 24, 2011

I died once,
Just to see what it was like.
(It doesn’t matter how,
So I won’t bother saying)
My curiosity had bested me,
And so I did what I had to
In order to see.

Like Thomas,
My dying eyes were flooded
By white mice and roses,
All in constant motion as my
Eyelids finally shut.
Although the darkness had
Embraced me absolutely,
A kind of clairvoyance
Unknown to me picked me
Up and swept me away.
Still blind, I found my footing
And I waited.
And waited.

Silently, a light broke above me,
Falling thickly onto my shoulders
Like condensed milk.
And then, from somewhere
A voice spoke, tragic and booming:


I winced at the reverberations
Echoing into nothingness.
I couldn’t muster any reply
Beyond a half-trembling shrug.

There was a quick snap,
And the peculiar feeling of standing
On a trapdoor that’s about to drop…
And, at last, I was back;
Returned to my mortal coil,
Gulping breaths of air
Cold and deep and new.



One Response to “I Died Once”

  1. timefliesbyquickly Says:

    yes, indeed, I do understand… I died once too and was given the same answer.
    the light was magnificent, it was unsettling to come back…

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