The Flight of Icarus

December 6, 2010

I knew that I was in trouble
The moment things took a turn
(It didn’t feel like an uphill).
And, like Prudence, I would’ve
Done anything to see her smile.
For some reason I decided to fly
Up through the cloud cover,
And that one fucking night
When things got too warm,
The wax melted and I felt myself

A rush of cold air and feathers,
The moment of realization that
This thing was over.
I hated that I had done it.
I was the one responsible,
And I’d never see her
Shining face again.
The faint cry of a seagull
As people go on with their
Daily grind, unaware of my
Inevitable demise.
And as I hit the waves
Below, the final thought
To go through my mind
Is only: farewell.



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