The Everyman

May 13, 2010

the current state of affairs
seems to have placed me in
treacherous waters
little did I know that I was
dog paddling in an oil slick
only moments away from
utter destruction
but my conscious choice to
remove my one discernable
way to influence my world was
the equalizing power of
the everyman
and here I am with a
permanent case of
never caring about who got
elected to what position
because, I presume, of a
misplaced dollop of hope
that those in authority
would do good for us
that indeterminate us:
you are me, and I am you
so I guess I can put my
shoulder to the wheel
and watch raw progress
shine through me and
split (as if through a prism)
letting the choices I make
escape like white-hot lava
and melt the people and
places who happen to be
in the way
I may take this opportunity
to stop and smell the sweet
scent of humanity, before
you hand me the blindfold
and just get it over with



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