The Greatest Generation

April 12, 2010

It used to be
That music moved bodies
Instead of decimal points,
That my intentions were equal
To the meaning you get out of them.

Things haven’t changed all that much:
Prophets still get stoned, and
Children still hate their parents, and
The world continues its dance with
The rest of the cold, silent planets.

Submerged in information and
The sickly blue glow of LEDs,
They sleep with one eye open
Never really getting any rest.

Consumed by the sideshow,
They miss the main attraction.
(A crime against nature!)

What we need is a change
That transcends the person
And remembers the value of all:
A red shift of perspective.

Let the dirt and grime
Collect under your fingernails.
Feel the water lap against
Your ankles as the saltwater
Breeze cleans out your nostrils.

We must thrust ourselves deep
Into the waist-high grass of the world
And live truly and freely
Before it’s simply too late,
And the sun sets for good on
The fabled aged of man.



3 Responses to “The Greatest Generation”

  1. now that i understand i few things, I also understand the deeper meaning. I suppose.
    It makes me sad for the future though :/

  2. Erica Says:


  3. uncleverone Says:

    This is really good.

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