Red Twilight

April 7, 2010

Head tilted back, facing
The indigo sky above her
A pair of pale blue eyes search
For a meaning in the
Blank space between
Two points of distant light
She examines the moon,
A white-washed hole in the fabric
Of night’s blanket and wonders
What she might see were she
To poke her head out of it,
Blinking in the newfound light

She considers herself
But not by choice, see
She’s afraid that there
Won’t be an answer in
The brilliant form of light
Like those planets and stars
They never stay for long
(At least as long as she would like)
So she kicks off the
Dusty planet’s surface
To escape us all forever
She closes her eyes as
Tension mounts along that
Invisible tether

And just as she feels she is
Finally free, five fingers
Grip her shoelaces tightly
As she struggled to escape
The real solution was to turn
And embrace the grimy globe
Underfoot, and hold onto
Those who fought for her
Who broke for her
Who love her
So that as she falls
Like a baby cardinal
There are hands to
Catch her midflight
In the hopes that she
May fly again one day



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