Twelve O’Clock Tales

February 28, 2010

The first chime:
A man beaten by time and weather
Waits at a silent bus stop for the last
Chance he’ll get to see his kids
Before they’re gone.

The second chime:
A woman on her back, wearing
Nothing but a smile she doesn’t mean,
Feeling human again with a man she
Doesn’t even know.

The third chime:
Noisy commotion around a bed
The doctors saved the baby but
Mom paid the ultimate price
Who will tell the father?

The fourth chime:
A million questions race through
Your head as you try to fall asleep;
What will tomorrow hold for me?
Only time will tell.

The fifth chime:
As the last customers leave, the
Manager of the diner walks out.
Tonight he will make the decision
Not to drink himself to sleep.

The sixth chime:
A little boy, tears rolling down his
Face as he hides under the covers;
He always hates it when mommy
And daddy fight.

The seventh chime:
A priest sits at his desk in the house
Of the Lord, weeping with guilt.
How can such a sinner lead any of
God’s people?

The eighth chime:
Out on the rocky beaches
A man and a woman are wed
By the sultry light of the moon
And nothing more.

The ninth chime:
Six men carry the casket of
A seventh, a man they all called
Father and sir but never
Just Dad.

The tenth chime:
High in the Cascades, the light
Of an emergency flare finally dies
Along with the last hopes of
The stranded hiker.

The eleventh chime:
Night is still young for most
But for some it is only the start
Of the hardest day they will
Ever weather.

The twelfth chime:
The bus comes, and the man
Sighs with relief to know he
Will be able to see his sons
Before they’re gone.



3 Responses to “Twelve O’Clock Tales”

  1. slpmartin Says:

    Really liked how you structured the poem and each of the stories embedded in it.

  2. wordwand Says:

    wow, greaaaaaaaaaaaat stuff. each chime is a vivid image and a situation, and the link of first and last stanza is spellbinding.well done.

  3. This is sad 😦 I really like it though. Poems with this kind of pattern are fun to read 🙂

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