Escape Velocity

January 29, 2010

Hardened grains of salt, like
Tiny meteors, waiting to be
Swept off into deeper space-
When my eyelids close
I can see nothing
Except the fireworks I wish
That we were making.
Finally, a clear night!
Nebulous clouds dissipate
As I gaze to the north,
Ursa Major wags his tail
And waves his paw, but
He won’t ever come to visit
(To be fair, I would need
A much bigger table).
So even though I’ll never
Feel the freedom of
Escaping Earth’s greedy pull,
I am content in the
Study of her neighbors
Whenever I may
Get the chance.



3 Responses to “Escape Velocity”

  1. slpmartin Says:

    I enjoyed reading this poem and found the imagery very interesting…thanks.

  2. kseverny Says:

    you captured an explorers spirit in this one

  3. Michael Says:

    thank you, both of you 🙂

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