Man’s Predicament

January 14, 2010

Perhaps you can help me
You see, I find myself taking
Upon my human shoulders the yoke
Of mankind’s most noble struggle
One of my biggest sins and also
My greatest strengths is
My narcissistic and eternal
Quest for knowledge.
Literature, philosophy, history,
Science, law, theology, even math
(When I absolutely must)
And the more I learn, the more
I realize how little I know
How can this be fair?
Justice, her bow in hand
But with an empty quiver,
Stands before me: an
Alternative deity of harmony
When I try to speak, to defend
Myself and my actions,  I am
Quite surprised to find my own
Two hands covering my mouth.
Oh, that you would hear me!
Escape your sedentary lifestyle,
Be free of the shackles that
You have forged for yourself
And live a life of glorious mistakes.
To teach, I have come to understand,
Is to educate and not to school.
Even beyond my man-made constructs
Of poetry and classic literature
There is, indeed, truth out in the
Beautiful world of ours.
We share it. We breathe it.
We invite it into our homes.
We ignore it on freeway offramps.
We cover it up with sacred words.
We scribble it onto napkins.
We play it upon our hearts and minds,
And on strings and through metal
Until it rings clear and bright
Like the first sunrise ever recorded;
It will be marvelous, now and forever.



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