2009, The Year of Unexpected Change

December 31, 2009

As the title above shows, this was definitely a year for unexpected changes in my life.

A very dear friend graduated college, and then moved away.
Another came back to visit, and then faded into the shadows.

I found love in the last place I would ever have looked.
I helped bring a friendship crashing down… and it wasn’t even mine.

I found a place off-campus to live, solidifying my status as an adult.

I took a leap of faith, in the form of a trip across the country.
And here I am on another one. Literally.

A lot of things have changed.

Before I go over my resolutions for this year and write out some new ones for 2010, I need to say this: even if we may not be on the best of terms or if we haven’t spoken in months or if you’ve never gone anywhere, I love you. I consider every one of you in my heart as a friend, and no matter what, all of you pop up in my mind whenever it’s blank… and we all know that’s more often than not.

Anyways. On to the main event!

the retrospect edition

1) recognize opportunities in my life
and take advantage of them when they show up
in many ways, I both succeeded and failed at this one.

2) read Bless Me, Ultima by Rudolfo Anaya
it’s been a while, and i want to read that again. for me.
sadly, I never got around to this one. I read Tolkien again, as well as Rand, but no Anaya.

it’s sort of, you know, what i want to do with my life
believe it or not, I’m still awaiting official approval for this one as we speak. Last June, I applied for the School of Education at SPU and they turned me down. They said my GPA was too low. Now, after a single quarter, I have jump-started my GPA; with two more A’s under my belt and more determination than ever, I am sitting here with my fingers crossed that they let me in this time.

4) get another poem (or two) published
i’ve done it before, i can do it again
check this one off. In the spring edition of a quarterly journal put out by poeticmatrix.com, I was published again. Both online and in printed form, my work gained reputation alongside a poet laureate and many other talented authors.

5) attend and enjoy Bumbershoot 2009
this year showed me why i love Seattle so much.
unfortunately, between my total void of funds and the lack of good bands on this year’s lineup, I did not go to Bumbershoot this year. Depending on who shows up next year, I’ll go and you can come with me! 🙂

6) continue writing poetry and work towards a collection
i’ve been told that i should put together something
check this one off too. In the past six months alone, I have written 30+ pieces, as well as my first attempt at the short story genre. As for a collection, my total number of pieces is now above 75, a number that still surprises me to this day.

7) let my hair grow out
i don’t know exactly how long, but i’m going for it
ask my friends and family, I definitely did this one. LOL I went something like six months without a haircut, and soon I had a fro even a hobbit would envy. I got a haircut last week, and boy did it feel wonderful.

8 ) hold onto my friends (life goal)
some are farther away than i’d like now
looking back at last December, I can see why I wrote this. And sadly, I did not do as good a job as I could have. I made a few mistakes this year, and thanks to some counseling I am able to reconcile with my regrets. I’m sorry if I slighted you this year. I am trying to work on this Michael guy… and it’s not an easy process.

9) take care of my new friend Stalin
he’s a fish, don’t worry
Stalin is alive and swimming. Not only that but now he has a friend to talk to for the holidays lol

10) fall in love (life goal)
and this time, i’m not going to look for it.
Wow. Not only did I find it, but I was definitely looking for it this year… just not in the place that I found it. I am supremely happy with where I am now, and it’s all because of one conversation months and months ago. It’s crazy how life works. 🙂
This year has been both amazing and tearful. Looking back at the last twelve months, I cannot believe how many things have changed completely.

So now I need to think of some new resolutions…


1. Do my student teaching.
Doesn’t matter to me if it’s primary or secondary, but I definitely need to do this within the next year.

2. Continue writing poetry, and reopen the short story idea.
To be honest, I really liked putting together that little story. I’m hoping to do something more soon.

3. Don’t screw this up.
Seriously. Don’t.

4. Reconnect with friends far away.
It needs to happen. There are quite a few now.

5. Take a trip, preferably a spontaneous one.
Call it what you will, I simply miss the random idea of driving to Ocean Shores lol

6. Start getting a teaching job lined up.
This one sort of goes together with number one, but it’s technically the next step.

7. Do some charity work of some kind.
Soup kitchen’s calling.

8. Learn how to cook.
Because pancakes and macaroni and cheese aren’t cutting it.

9. Lose a few pounds.
Probably the most common resolution in the country, I’m hopping onto the band wagon.

10. Pray more.
God and I have been on strange terms these last few years. I want to work on that.
Well that’s all folks. Have a fun and safe New Year’s Eve, and have a drink for me!  😀




One Response to “2009, The Year of Unexpected Change”

  1. Melissa (AKA Melisha) Says:


    Your Goals Are wonderful! YOu are an amazing person. I am lucky to know you and fortunate at one time to be your best friend. You taught me alot about myself and who i want to be. I still (like ive always said) Think your going to be an outstanding teacher (sooner than we think too lol 😉 I guess where im getting at is that im so proud of you. I hope we will always be friends. I’m happy you found love you deserve it (YES U DO!!!) And she is An amazing women by far! *HUGS* I will always love you buddy! Keep your head up high, trust me you’re going to go far and succeed tremendously in your life with that attitude.

    p.s. keep the writing coming. I love your writing.

    Be AH Muh Fuh

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